Kakadu Plum (gubinge) contains the highest amount of the immune-strengthening and natural antihistamine, vitamin C, in any known food. Most Kakadu Plum powders contain the seed, which acts as a filler - our Kakadu Plum is the best quality on the market - it is ethically-wildcrafted, has the seeds removed, and is freeze-dried. Our powder contains a whooping 19000mg of vitamin C per 100g! Powders with the seed contain 3000mg to 4000mg of vitamin C per 100g! Removing the "filler" allows more volume for the nutrient-dense fruit. With our superior concentrated powder, a little goes a long way! 1/4 tsp delivers over 230% of your vitamin C RDI! 100+ servings per 50g pack.

To show how much vitamin C Kakadu Plum has compared to everyday fruit, one orange contains up to 53mg of vitamin C per 100g! Our seedless Kakadu Plum contains 19000mg per 100g!


As well as containing the highest levels of vitamin C, Kakadu Plum also contains powerful antiviral properties, as well as high levels of magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin E, and folate (vitamin B9), and being a wholefood, these nutrients are completely bioavailable. 


Being a natural antihistamine, vitamin C can help alleviate mild allergies and rashes, including heat rash and teething rash in baby. Vitamin C also helps alleviate colds. If breastfeeding, mama should take the vitamin C regularly. If baby is on solids, mix into baby's food. Vitamin C plays a huge role in overall health, and also helps to improve tooth and gum health, collagen formation, and bone health and bone density. 


Kakadu Plum has been safely used by pregnant and breastfeeding women for many years. It is typically safe during pregnancy and while breastfeeding, however, please consult your holistic health care professional before taking any herbal remedies. We custom make herbal blends at no extra cost.




Keep out of reach of children. Do not take therapeutic or high doses of any one herb while pregnant or breastfeeding. Please seek professional advice before consuming. No one food is safe for everyone, if a reaction occurs discontinue use immediately. Herbs work best alongside a healthy diet.  These statements have not been evaluated by the TGA or FDA.

Kakadu Vitamin C+

  • Directions

    Take 2 capsules OR 1/4 tsp with food. If treating a cold or flu, increase intake to 2 - 3 capsules (1/2 tsp) in the morning and evening.  

    Pregnant and breastfeeding women: take 2 capsules (1/4 tsp) in the morning and 2 capsules (1/4 tsp) in the evening with food, or as directed. The herbs healing and nutritional effects will cross over to baby if breastfeeding and will help if baby is sick. If a reaction occurs to you or baby discontinue use immediately. 

    Children: 6 mth - 3 years, give 1/2 capsule (1/16 tsp) daily with food/smoothie, or as directed. Increase to 1 capsule (1/8 tsp) daily after 3 - 4 years.

  • Ingredients

    Kakadu plum+ (gubinge/Terminalia ferdinandiana).


    Country of origin: Australia. Our Kakadu Plum is ethically wildcrafted/harvested.

    Contains no fillers or additives. Made using vegan, starch-free & gluten-free veggie capsules. Made in Australia from local ingredients. Made in a facility that handles nuts.