Formulated by an experienced Holistic Health Practitioner, Master Herbalist and Plant-based Nutritionist, we've combined herbs that are used to promote healthy gut flora and promote a clean and healthy digestive tract. If also fighting candida-overgrowth, we recommend taking this blend with our ANTI-BLEND for best results. Made from carefully selected organic and wildcrafted herbs that have been dried at low temperatures, to avoid compromising their integrity and their medicinal and nutritional properties.


Herbalism promotes small doses over a longer period of time for optimal results. Herbal digestive cleansing works best when implemented alongside a healthy diet. We recommend eating wholefood plant-based only for optimal results. DO NOT USE DURING PREGNANCY OR WHEN BREASTFEEDING. Please consult your holistic health care professional before taking any herbal remedies. We custom make herbal blends at no extra cost.


Now comes in a bigger size for the same price!


70g powder or 140 x 500mg capsules

Happy Gut Blend

  • Directions: take 1/2 teaspoon/ 1.5g every morning, with food, for 30 days.

    Not to be taken by pregnant and breastfeeding women, infants or children.

  • Ingredients: Graviola leaf*, Black Walnut*, Wormwood*, Myrrh+, Red Clover*.






    Contains no fillers, additives or preservatives. Store in a cool, dry place.


    Made in Australia from local & imported ingredients from USA, Sri Lanka, Germany, and Kenya. Made in a facility that handles nuts.