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REVIEW: Vegan Recipe Browser (app)

THIS IS AN APP THAT EVERY VEGAN SHOULD HAVE ON THEIR PHONE! Though, you don’t have to be vegan to enjoy it. I’m a huge believer in helping others without necessarily charging $$ for it, especially if we’re in a position to do so; which is why I’m so happy to introduce this new VEGAN app to you! ‘VEGAN RECIPE BROWSER’ is the LARGEST vegan recipe directory in the world, with over 5,000 professional recipes (and counting), and it’s free! It’s super easy to use - the developers have definitely thought about practicality and ease of use. With a handy search-engine, you can search via recipe title, or search by ingredients that you prefer. You can also add ingredients that you dislike or want to avoid, which is great for people with food intolerances and allergies, and this way, you won’t be shown any recipes that include those ingredients. When you find a recipe that you like, you can add it to your favourites, and use the ‘add to shopping list’ function and the app will create a shopping list for you. When you decide to make the recipe, just click ‘view original recipe’ and you will be taken directly to the original recipe’s website.

All of the recipes are by vegan authors, and if you’re a recipe creator with a blog/website then you can sign up and submit your recipes too. It’s super simple - just send your website link and they’ll do the rest.

Y’all know that I won’t support a product unless the company is ethical and run by good people. Which is yet another reason why I love this app! It was developed by husband and wife team, Simon and Aiša, purely with the intention of giving back after they went vegan 8 years ago. Being software developers, they came up with the idea after visiting their local Asian food market and seeing many herbs and spices that they’d never heard of before, and they wanted to find a way to use those ingredients. Which is another way this app comes in handy: if you have an ingredient that’s new to you, simply add the ingredient to the app and the recipes containing that ingredient will display. This app is a TOTAL GAMECHANGER. No more googling recipes and spending hours filtering through the ingredients, and no more paying for recipe apps that have disappointing recipes.

There are so many recipe creators and bloggers in this competitive space, so it’s super refreshing to see this app bringing vegans together, to work together, while sharing their time and recipes for free. If you’re currently paying for a vegan recipe app subscription, ditch it, and download this free app! It’s available in Google Play, The APP store, and has a desktop version as well. 🌱💚VEGAN RECIPE BROWSER!🌱💚