Hello from Plantfed Mama, Candy Marx

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Hello! I created this hub and wrote Plantfed Mama's Holistic Guide to a Vegan Pregnancy, after noticing a massive absence of resources for vegan and plant-based pregnancies, updated plant-based resources, and/or resources that didn't expect a fee! Subscribers will always have free access to my meal plans, recipes and nutritional and holistic advice!

After my first pregnancy, I wasn't educated in nutrition nor holistic health, so when my doctor found out that I was a vegetarian, I was advised to add meat back to my diet. This was hard for me because I hadn't eaten meat for well over 12 years, and because I chose to not eat meat because of my love for animals. To appease my doctor, I added some seafood back to my diet, and was primarily plant-based.

Fast forward several years, I chose to eat a strict vegan diet, and I rebranded my business, now a social business, KSKYE the Label, to follow suit. I began feeling much more energetic, but I knew that there were still some foods in my diet that I should have eliminated. A year on, I concentrated on high-raw wholefoods, which I call, foods with lifeforce. After experiencing the many health and lifestyle benefits of a whole-foods plant-based diet, I then went on to study Herbalism and Nutrition. Having completed a double Diploma, I now hold a Diploma of Human Nutrition, and a Diploma of Master Herbalism. New information is discovered every day, which is why I believe that it's essential to continue learning - and not just to stop after we've finished our studies.

As I was finishing my double Diploma, I fell pregnant with my second bubba. I was in a position to make my own decisions regarding my nutrition, and I chose to remain eating 100% plant-based wholefoods.

Before I started writing the Plantfed Mama book, I went to my GP and had my blood and urine tested for everything, from my mineral and vitamin levels, my body pH, my blood count, my lipid, glucose and protein levels - everything. I made sure not to tell my GP that I am 100% plant-based because in my experience health practitioners have pre-judged; it always came back to 'being a vegan.' Unfortunately, this wasn't only my old GP, but also a naturopath and herbalist that I visited before graduating.

I sat in my GP's office and waited for her to read my results, and well, she was shocked at how healthy I am. She literally joked, "You're too healthy - keep doing what you're doing." Then I told her that I eat 100% plant-based.

Considering I wasn't taking any supplements asides from my usual herbs and a B-Complex powder, my vitamin and mineral levels came back as almost perfect; my glucose, lipid and protein levels were practically perfect, and even my red and white blood cell count was virtually perfect. My urine test a pH of 8, and I only tested low in the things that should be low, such as, cholesterol (our bodies naturally produce cholesterol, and it is essential to produce Vitamin D); and urate and urea, meaning that my kidney and liver are functioning properly and disposing of toxins.

After this confirmation, I knew that it was essential to share knowledge and advice. Veganism is the fastest growing social and lifestyle movement in the world, which means, more vegans! And more vegan mamas! And with the lack of information and books that are out there, I knew that it was time to combine my experience with my nutrition background, and my holistic health background and write a book and start a hub.

I hope this website and my book can help you in some way.

Candy xxxx