mana holistic development

Mana Holistic Development is a spiritual and holistic learning center founded by Holistic Health Practitioner and Spiritual Mentor/Healer, Candy Marx, to help empower spiritual warriors and those on a spiritual path.

Learn how your intuition speaks to you, and the different techniques to develop and strengthen your intuitive communication.


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You are your own guru. The answers you are seeking are inside of you already, and strengthening your intuition is how you access those answers. Whether you're looking to increase your intuition for personal development or for business, once you have established a relationship with your intuition, you can access answers on just about anything!

  • Learn the different techniques to develop and strengthen your intuition.

  • Learn the different techniques your intuition speaks to you.

  • Learn the importance of changing your mindset.

  • Learn the importance of being your authentic self.

  • Plus much more...

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Candy soul reads and specializes in Intuition/Spiritual training, Akashic Records, Ancestral Healing, entity/implant removal/healing, and training Spiritual Warriors. If you would like to speak to Candy about spirituality, please contact