Plantfed Mama and Plantfed Mana were founded by Master Herbalist, Plant-based Nutritionist and Holistic & Integrative Health Practitioner, Candy Marx, after realising that many natural and herbal supplements contained herbs that are dangerous to pregnant women, infants and children. So, she formulated herbal blends that most can take! Most of our blends don't contain herbs that pregnant and breastfeeding women, infants and children can’t take, and we use smaller amounts of numerous herbs in some blends too.​ This is because taking one teaspoon of a particular herb, every day, can be too much on the body, so, we make up that teaspoon with smaller amounts of numerous herbs.

We use only organic and ethically-wildcrafted herbs, and we pride ourselves in not using any fillers, additives or preservatives. Our herbal blends are 100% herbs only.​

We're proud to use 100% compostable mailer bags and satchels, and we pride ourselves in not using any plastic in our deliveries. When you receive your order, throw the mailer bag in your home compost bin or in your local industrial bin. We also use kraft paper and hemp string to eliminate sticky tape.



Candy Marx is an Integrative, Holistic and Alternative Health Practitioner, specializing in Nutrition, Master Herbalism and Immunology. She is also a Spiritual Mentor and highly experienced Medium, Spiritual Healer and Seer, having come from a family of Mediums. She has studied Reiki 1, 2 and 3, having used some concepts from Reiki to develop her own style of healing, which she teaches to those she mentors.


New Zealand-born, Candy is a published writer and best-selling author, Master Herbalist, Plant-based Nutritionist, Kind Living & Wellness Influencer, Intuition and Spiritual Mentor, Branding and Marketing Consultant, Philanthropist, a Mama of two, and an Award-Winning (former) Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur, behind the popular Instagram account, Plantfed Mama. Candy is a published contributor for Nourish Magazine, and has been featured in national and international press, from The Sunday Telegraph (AUS), The Financial Review (AUS), The Dominion Post (NZ), Digital Journal (USA), Medium (USA), Ethical Style Journal (USA), Raise Vegan (USA), and The Times (USA), plus many more. She currently lives with her family in Sydney, Australia.


"I made the connection between animals and my food when I was still quite young.  I grew up on a self-sustained farm and our pigs, ducks and chickens, in particular, were my best friends.  And quite frankly, I didn't want to eat my friends.  I went vegetarian as a kid, which was at a time when vegetarians didn't really exist - well, not where I grew up.  Fast forward 15+ years to the start of my conscious vegan journey."



In 2009, Marx launched high-end fashion footwear label, KeilanaSkye, which became a household name after winning the QANTAS Spirit of Youth People's Choice Award in 2012; she was also named a finalist in the QANTAS Spirit of Youth Judge's Choice Award in 2013.  Adding to her list of fashion achievements behind KeilanaSkye, she also dressed the Australia's Next Top Model's, Top 20, and showed at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Sydney, and in NYC and LA.  But after switching from vegetarianism to veganism, in 2012, Marx rebranded her label in 2014 to align with her eco-vegan beliefs, changing direction into social philanthropy - behind Plantfed Mana (formerly KSKYE the Label).


Marx did a short stint working as an Editor for a small, online magazine, and continued to study, graduating in Marine Science, and Shark Conservation in 2016.


After experiencing the countless health and lifestyle benefits of a wholefoods plant-based diet, Marx then went on to study Herbalism, Nutrition, and Immunology. Marx holds a Diploma of Human Nutrition, an Advanced Diploma of Master Herbalism, and a Certificate in Immunology. She is currently earning a Diploma of Iridology, and a Diploma of Immunology.

Spiritually, Candy soul reads and specializes in Intuition/Spiritual training, Akashic Records, Ancestral Healing, entity/implant removal/healing, and training Spiritual Warriors. If you would like to speak to Candy about spirituality, please contact info@manaholisticdevelopment.com


Marx is the host of PLANTFED SOUL, which has been relaunched as PLANTFED SEER.


In late 2017, Marx became an Ambassador for W.I.R.E.S Wildlife Rescue.  


After spiritually mentoring many people around the world, Marx launched Mana Holistic Development and stepped into the role of Intuition Mentor, in which she developed a highly sought-after course, Advanced Intuitive Communication Development.